I invite you to bring almost everything you want to be hauled away and place it in the dropbox.  Please consider donating any gently-used items to any one of many charitable organizations now accepting donations, or taking recyclable items to Metro Recycling or another local recycling facility.  You can take your styrofoam and plastic clamshells to Agilyx Corporation, 13240 SW Wall Street in Tigard.

Please DO NOT deliver any:

  • styrofoam;
  • hazardous materials;
  • chemical products, including herbicides and pesticides;
  • oil or oil filters;
  • paint that has not dried out in the can;
  • solvents or flammable liquids of any kind;
  • propane tanks or aerosol cans;
  • antifreeze;
  • tires;
  • batteries;
  • computers;
  • televisions;
  • microwave ovens;
  • fluorescent tubes;
  • railroad ties;
  • medical waste;
  • barrels;
  • construction/remodeling debris (wood/lumber is okay)
  • ceiling and wall tiles;
  • textured wallboard, including popcorn ceilings;
  • vinyl flooring tiles or sheet vinyl;
  • insulation of any kind;
  • cement exterior shingles; or
  • roofing materials of any kind.

Please carry your items to the back of the dumpster, or as far back as you can go once it starts to fill up.  You'll be able to open the doors during the day.  I will secure the doors at night.  And please do not let your children play inside.

Please feel free to call or text - 503-720-9393 - if you have any questions or need some help.


Jon Cohen, Broker, J.D.

Windermere Realty Trust

JonCohen@Windermere.com  |  c. 503-720-9393