MAY 12-21, 2023

4106 SW 44th Ave in Bridlemile

In the Spring of 2020, we had all been cooped up in our homes at the start of the Covid pandemic with nothing better to do than purge through our spaces and clear out unwanted items.  Talking with neighbors, I realized that we all had lots of stuff ready to go somewhere else - donated to groups that could use the items, recycled with various organizations, or simply taken to the dump.  So, instead of ordering our own small dumpster to get rid of our things, I ordered a LARGE dumpster, placed it in front of my house and invited the neighbors to bring their unwanted items (that were not good enough to donate) and add them to our dumpster.  Fortunate to have a lovely Spring in 2020, lots of neighbors came by while we were working in the yard and I met or reconnected with many of you.  And many of you had a chance to meet other neighbors.

This new "tradition" continued for the last two years, and it's back again this year.  Feel free to bring your unwanted items destined for the landfill. Please visit the pages explaining what cannot be included, and also listing places that accept donations of gently used items that might be useful to others.

What You CANNOT Place in the Dumpster

Where You Can Donate or Recycle Items